How to teach young children about money?

Teaching young children about money requires a different skill set to teaching teenagers and adults about money. With younger children, it is all about the conversation we have with them.

What do we talk about?

  • Not compound interest
  • Not the sharemarket
  • Not investment
  • Not businesses

We talk about daily money matters. Make money talk as natural as any other conversation you'd have with your children.

The reason most parents still don't talk to their children about money is that it feels uncomfortable. Money has been taboo for so long, no one talks about it anymore. But the only way to get comfortable with discomfort is to practise discomfort.

The only way to get comfortable talking about money is to talk about money! Take the 7-Day Money Conversation Challenge and get started. By the end of the week, you'll feel much more comfortable talking about money with your kids.

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