Improve your child's financial literacy

All parents have the ability to improve their child's financial literacy. Many parents are willing to teach their child. Most parents don't know how. The key is in understanding the basic building blocks for good money habits.  

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What people say about the book ...

Jenny Mullineux (mum of 1)

"I love this book! Of all the different skills we try to teach our kids, learning good money habits in today’s fast-moving, electronic world is paramount. Amy’s book is a comprehensive & practical guide to helping parents teach their kids the skills they need. It’s easy to read & covers a diversity of topics on the way we view, think, value, save & spend money. Kids Money Habits has numerous practical ideas & suggestion on educating our kids. Interesting, as an adult/parent I have also learned some great new skills from reading Amy’s book. It’s not a ‘read once’ book; I refer to it frequently for gentle reminders on ways to try things."  

Carla Reddy (mum of 2)

"I liked the personal examples that you gave in each of the topics." 

Joy Smith (Primary School teacher)

“The book is brilliant - so clearly written with practical ideas.”

Cath Johnsen (mum of 3)

“It’s really well set out and easy to follow. And lots of sage advice in there.”

Deb HeggatonKlenner (mum of 2)

"The book is really easy to read. I enjoyed reading the examples about your own children, I was able to relate to some of the things that my children do as well and think about how I could use the same strategies you were suggesting."

About Us

There are lots of websites that teach adults how to develop good habits. But really, the best time to develop lifelong good habits start when the person is a child. So who’s teaching the children, before bad money habits become a vicious cycle?

The ideas in this website are formulated with children in mind - it is a website for children. But as a parent, you have a critical role to play in the children's development.

  1. You don’t have to be a financially savvy parent to develop good money habits in kids.
  2. You don’t have to be good at maths to develop good money habits in kids.
  3. You don’t have to have a lot of money to develop good money habits in kids.

Here’s what you must have to develop good money habits in your kids:

  1. You must believe that your child will develop good money habits.
  2. You must nurture your child in developing their good money habits.
  3. You must encourage your child in their journey to developing good money habits.

The qualities and traits you need to develop good money habits in your child are no different to the qualities and traits any loving and caring parent has.

Cultivating good money habits and our children before they are teenagers is our goal. Why preteen?Because our children have so much more to navigate in life when they enter their teenage years that teaching them about money at that age becomes more challenging.

Our vision is to children's financial literacy one generation at a time. This is done through encouraging, guiding and teaching parents, guardians and carers to start having money conversations with their own children.