You want your children to learn about money but ....

  • who should teach them?
  • where do they learn about money?
  • what should they learn?
  • how much should they be taught?
  • when should they start to learn about money?

Reading, writing, arithmetic ... these are basic life skills that all school-age children must learn. Children learn to read by learning the alphabet. They learn to write by tracing dotted lines. Arithmetic is taught by teaching 1, 2, 3. These are building blocks of reading, writing and arithmetic.

In today's society, financial literacy is another of life's basic skills that all children should be taught. But how should this be taught? What are the building blocks to children financial literacy?

This book explains it all!

In 248 pages, this book sets out the building blocks of financial literacy for young children. It contains many personal experiences of how I have improved my own children's financial literacy over the years. I firmly believe in cultivating good money habits and having frequent intentional money conversations with our children. This book gives you the building blocks of financial literacy so that you know exactly what type of conversation you're having and the purpose of each conversation.

Check out the contents page and preface of this book here. I'm confident this book is what you've been looking for. Read the back-cover blurb of this book here.

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