Ways to earn money for 10 year old

An older child has plenty more opportunities to earn money.  At the age of 10 years old, children are capable to completing tasks that require more co-ordination and attention span.  This age is the perfect opportunity to teach our ‘tween that with more freedom comes responsibility.

From this age, children start to become aware of what their peers have.  They will start to test boundaries in asking for things that they ‘need’ simply because their peers have them.  This is the time to be strict on insisting that they pay for what they perceive as their ‘need’.  This is also the time to encourage your 10-year old to earn money their own money.  You have the exciting task of helping them find opportunities to earn money from outside the home.

At this age, 10-year olds crave the excitement of earning ‘real money’ from the outside world (compared to pocket money from mum and dad).  They also feel quite grown up in spending their own money.  So what jobs are available for a 10-year old child to start earning ‘real money’?

10 ways to earn money outside the home

  1. Take coffee orders for the canteen: your child plays sports on the weekend and there are canteen facilities available, offer to take drink orders and be paid a commission for each cup ordered.
  2. Start a pet-sitting business: if you are allergic to certain animals that your child loves, encourage your child to set up a pet-sitting business. Your child gets to spend time loving their favourite animal and also get paid for it.
  3. Water plant for other people: people who go on holidays will always need someone to water their plants. A 10-year old child is responsible enough to water plants for other people.
  4. Make jewellery to sell: girls, especially will love this job. Accessories such as hair clips, hair bands, bracelets and key chains are simple enough to make and sell.
  5. Make cards to sell: even in the age of emails, hand-made cards are still in demand for special occasions such as Birthdays and Valentine’s Day.
  6. Be a parent’s helper: parents of young children will know that an extra pair of hands in the mornings or evenings is really appreciated. This especially true today when one parent is usually working outside the home at this time.
  7. Take coffee orders for neighbours in the morning: who wouldn’t like a cup of coffee first thing in the morning on the weekend? But we usually can’t be bothered because it will mean changing out of our pyjamas; getting out of our cozy warm homes and braving the cold weather. Have your child take coffee orders from neighbours and bring them their cup of coffee in the morning! Parents with young babies will definitely appreciate this!
  8. Simple cleaning: offer to do light household cleaning such as dusting and vacuuming during the school holidays as the seasons change. Who says cleaning should only be done in Spring?!
  9. Help younger children with homework – parents are busy enough with getting dinner ready, so your child can offer to help neighbours with younger children with helping them with their reading and maths homework.
  10. Leaflet drop – approach small businesses and ask if they have advertising materials they would like delivered. Not only will it give your child some exercise, it will also earn them a nice sum of money!

Don’t forget the additional chores at home

It is important we continue to remind older children of their responsibilities at home.  Most of these responsibilities can be the start of giving the child the experience to carry out these tasks outside the home.  Older children can perform the following tasks at home:

  1. Pack lunch boxes
  2. Make one meal a week for the family – it can be as simple as baking a cake for dessert, under your supervision
  3. Do simple cleaning – vacuuming, dusting, etc
  4. Help younger siblings with homework

How do your children earn money?