Opportunities to earn money: creativity

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Opportunities are everywhere and the making of an entrepreneur is the ability to find these opportunities.  The earlier we teach our children to see opportunities the better will be their future.  I believe creativity is the cornerstone in finding opportunities to earn money.  Guess who are the most creative people on this planet??  Yep – CHILDREN!

Children spend much of their childhood creating – if they aren’t they ought to be.  Whether they are painting, drawing, singing, writing, playing pretend or simply hiding in a cardboard box, they are using the creative part of their brain. When we were children, we were creative too.  It’s just that as we become adults, many of us are told to be responsible and be realistic with life’s expectations.  As we strive to ‘do the right things’ we stifle our own creativity.  But it is possible to be both creative and responsible AND it’s possible to earn money along the way.

Using creativity to earn money

Once a child has developed good work ethics around the home, we can help him or her identify opportunities to earn money outside the home.  Finding opportunities for them is the start, but equally important is the conversation we have with them.  Children learn by observing their parents, so it’s important that we show them how we identified these opportunities.

We can start by asking the children what they like to do – what brings them the most joy.  Write these down.  I suggest you keep this for the future when your children become adults and wonder what they used to do for fun as a child (this is another post on its own, which I might write about some day, based on personal experience).  Then ask how they can earn money outside the home doing what the love. You will need to help them out with this one for the fir  Over time, these children will then learn to identify opportunities for themselves in every day activities.

As they go through the process of identifying opportunities, let the children dream of possibilities. You would be amazed with what they come up with.  Some of their ideas may in fact be unrealistic – nevertheless, try and refrain from stifling their creativity with your own experience.  Let them dream.

What creative ideas have your children come up with? It doesn’t always have to be related to money!