Saving money: fun with bottle and money

Lessons with money don’t have to be all serious and boring. In fact, children learn best when they are having fun. More importantly, they retain information better. Here’s a fun activity about saving we’re doing at the moment. I first came across this brilliant idea from a website that my friend Cath writes for.

Here are some of the lessons I want my children to learn from this activity:

  1. saving up can be fun
  2. it takes time to save up
  3. saving is a habit
  4. there is  reward at the end

Saving one coin at a time

At the beginning of February 2017, we had an empty 600mL water bottle (it’s a Crystal Peak bottle, if you are interested). The goal is to fill the bottle up with $2 coins and then find out how much we have. Other people have done this experiment using a 600mL Coke bottle. The result with a Coke bottle is $1000 when it is filled to the top.

What I have noticed is that as a family, we are more mindful when we’re spending our money – but not in the way I imagined. We’re more mindful about not spending the $2 coins!

saving money: empty bottle
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1 February 2017

saving money: end of February 2017
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28 February 2017 ($15)

saving money: end of March 2017
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31 March 2017 ($88)











Check back from time to time to follow our progress!