On this page, we provide you links to the money tools be believe all children need in his or her journey to developing good money habits.

Money boxes 1

All children should have a money box as their first step towards learning about money.  A money box is so much more than a place where kids keep their money. It is symbolic of a child's discipline towards money.

Click here for the best money box.

All stories have a moral or a lesson.  Money stories are no different.  But which ones are good? We've trawled through hundreds of books about money and here is a list of books that are best for children.

For generations children have grown up with board games.  Not only are board games a source of entertainment for children on rainy days, it also develop the following skills in children:

  • Social interaction
  • Taking turns
  • Counting

The board games listed here will also teach your children an important life skill of learning about money.

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