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Love thy siblings: lesson in hand-up or hand-out

The proverb Charity begins at home means different things to different people. However, both are very closely related. The idea is that children learn charity in the home, manifested in the way they relate to other people. We all want our children to love their siblings. When children are young, they may argue and fight with each other constantly.  They may even be mean and cruel to each other sometimes.  However, when a sibling sees another in pain or suffering, they tend to
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Saving money: fun with bottle and money

Lessons with money don’t have to be all serious and boring. In fact, children learn best when they are having fun. More importantly, they retain information better. Here’s a fun activity about saving we’re doing at the moment. I first came across this brilliant idea from a website that my friend Cath writes for. Here are some of the lessons I want my children to learn from this activity: saving up can be fun it takes time to save up
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Vacation costs: the whole family can help

It is every parent’s dream to take their family on a vacation. It has certainly become my dream. However, for a family of 5, any trip can become very expensive. In my previous post, I talked about children always having a money goal to work towards. Money goals can include saving towards a family vacation. To me, this is my favourite goal because it is one instance where the family works together to achieve a common outcome. Vacation costs to save
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