Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Amy - otherwise known as Miss Money Habits in here. I won't bore you with details about me because what I really want to engage you on is this website. (But if you're interested to find out more about me, I have a quick bio at the end of this page).

Frustration drove me to create Kids Money Habits

Initially I was frustrated with my children's money habits and their attitude towards money:

  • they don't seem to appreciate the value of money;
  • they don't appreciate I worked hard and saved really hard to buy things that we have - the TV, groceries and their toys, to name a few.
  • they don't seem to want to do any work around the home.
  • they seem to be requesting for things they 'need' constantly.
  • they don't seem to take care with their toys - if it's lost or broken, they simply ask to buy another one.

Then I became frustrated with the school system:

  • shouldn't schools be teaching our children to be more responsible with money? Identifying needs vs wants is part of the school curriculum. Can't they just extend this to link in with money?

I spoke to my friends about their children's attitude towards money .... I wasn't alone with my frustrations after all. All the parents I spoke to felt one or more of my frustrations.

I can complain or I can do something about it ...

After complaining about the lack of financial literacy being taught in schools, I came to realise that I am my children's biggest influence. If something is to be done about their attitude towards money, it has to start with me. I decided to change my children's money habits.

If something is to be done about their attitude towards money, it has to start with me.

Schools are already doing it tough trying to control a burgeoning classroom of students while trying to teach the fundamental skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. Expecting teachers to fit more into the day is not realistic.


I believe the children are our future

Teach them well and let them lead the way

~ The Greatest Love of All (Whitney Houston)

We have a debt-fueled society. I have personally seen the devastating effects of debt on a family. I want a better future for my children. In my vision, the future is led by the children who have grown to be financially responsible adults. They will use money to do good things, rather than use it to fuel consumerism.

Quick Bio ...


Thanks for stopping by. Here's a quick rundown about me ....

  • I go by the name "Mummy" most of the time.
  • I am mother to 3 sometimes naughty, mostly helpful and always loving kids.
  • (For now) I am my kids' biggest influence in life.
  • I used to have a very BIG dwarf rabbit as a pet. Sadly she is no longer with us.
  • We now have a goldfish (yes, a lonely goldfish because the other 10 or so we used to have over the number of years are also no longer with us).
  • In the professional world, I am a lawyer and an accountant
  • I train in Tae Kwon Do to keep fit (I recently attained 1st Dan Black Belt ... woohoo!)
  • I love reading, but time is not my friend most days, so I settle for audio books.