9 reasons to pay children to do housework

There are many reasons why parents don’t like to pay their children to do housework. All are valid reasons and each family have their own reasons for paying or not paying their children to do housework.  If you fall into the ‘still not sure camp’ here are nine reasons why you should pay your children to do housework.

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1. It teaches them that money doesn’t grow on trees

If they want money, they have to earn it by working. Young children won’t know where our money really came from unless we show them by example.  Getting them to work for their money teaches them that money comes from working.

2. They appreciate the value of a dollar

Even been frustrated that your children don’t seem to know the difference between $12 and $120? Getting them to work for their money teaches them to appreciate how hard they had to work to earn their dollar. If it takes them a certain amount of time to earn $12, then it will take them 10 times as long to earn $120.

3. They are more careful with their spending

If we remind them how much they had to work to earn the money, children will appreciate how long and how hard the have to work to be able to have money to spend.  It helps to remind them of the hours they have put into earning the money before they are ready to spend the money.

4. It teaches them good work ethics

Paying children to complete housework means they don’t get paid if the work isn’t done or done properly. This cultivates their habit of turning up on time and doing the work properly.  When they are old enough to get a part-time job, they will be an employee who will be on time and meticulous in his or her work.

5. It fosters delayed gratification

If they wish to buy an item, they need to firstly work and then save up for the item. The more expensive the item, the harder they have to work or the longer they need to save. Delayed gratification is a habit that will serve them well in adulthood when they have to buy more expensive items such as a car or a house or go on a holiday.

6. It teaches them initiative

Once a household chore is complete and they want to earn more money, they need to take the initiative to ask for more housework. This sets them up with good habits for future employment when they will take the initiative to do more work than they were expected to do. This make them a valuable employee in the future.

7. It tires them out

If your children are constantly fighting with each other, give them each housework to do. The more labour intensive the housework (toilet cleaning, anyone?) the less energy they have left to argue with each other.  Not only will you have a clean house, you’ll have peace and quiet for a few hours.

8. It makes the parents more productive

Parents have a greater earning capacity than children. Housework that is done by children frees up the parent’s time to do fun things with the children or to work on other more productive things.

9. It teaches co-operation

Giving the children chores of their own that they must complete is one environment siblings can help each other out. Often one of my children is running late for school and still has chores to complete.  Very often my other children will help the struggling child so that they can all go to school together.

Do you pay your children to do housework? Share it with us in the comments.