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Experiment: rewarding good behaviour (on holiday)

I didn’t travel much pre-children because frankly I’m not much of a traveller. I don’t sleep well away from home and I am not patient when it comes to queuing for anything.  In short, I haven’t really experienced the world much. With my children now old enough to travel, I have a new-found purpose to travel – I am keen to share new experiences with them.  Good behaviour from children goes a long way to making a memorable holiday. Bad
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Tendencies: the way children form habits

I listened to an audio book by Gretchen Rubin recently.  Since learning she was a lawyer who gave up the legal profession to become a writer, I have become a fan of hers.  I recently took that brave step too. In the audio book, Rubin describes four types of tendencies which underlies every person’s habits.  She calls this the habit sorting-hat.  It is important to understand these tendencies when breaking and/or forming new habits because one approach will not suit
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