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Money conversation: buying a smoothie

I had promised each of my children I would take them to the new yoghurt store around the corner. DS1 and DS2 went two weeks ago, but DD was busy that day, so she didn’t come. So the other day after a game, I brought DD to the yoghurt store. DS2 wanted to come too, but I reminded him this trip was really just for DD to try the yoghurt because she didn’t come with us last time. He said he wanted to come for
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Money conversation: profit from division

In an earlier post, I wrote about an experiment I carried out during a recent family holiday. Whilst the experiment didn’t give the result I was hoping for, there was a money lesson in it for my children. My eight-year old wanted chewing gum.  This is not something I approve of, but he got me on a technicality that this is not junk food. He had enough ‘good behaviour’ money to buy a small packet for $2 or a big pack
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